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Debora Montanari was born in Bologna in 1969, she’s a radio journalist - an expert in U.S. movies - and an author.

She debuted professionally as a writer in 2007, with the Urban-Fantasy novel "The Dragons of Chrysos" and in 2009 she released her second novel "The Moon of Chrysos". While working on the novels she wrote and published several sci-fi short stories.

The innate love for the Sci-Fi in all forms - literature, movies, television - has taken her, since childhood, to study with passion the Fringe Science, particularly the Quantum Philosophy.

Debora worked on the connection between the two contexts: Fringe Science and Science Fiction.
By invitation, the topic has been discussed by Debora in Chicago - August, 2012 - with the panel "SF and Fringe Science", during the 70th World Science Fiction Convention - ChiCon7 - which hosted the Hugo Awards.

Debora has developed a collateral activity by teaching the culture of reading, writing and daydreaming in junior high schools.
Her program - titled "Imagine" - is designed to transmit to young people the desire to make art, through recognition and celebration of the imagination and by reading books and watching genre movies, understanding with the word “genre” everything related to the Imaginary.

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