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ragazza con una pila di libri tra le mani

The project borned by chance from the idea of starting a personal mission which it turned into a fun treasure hunt. A long term project.


The mission I’m talking about, is the search for unread titles because out of print, or eclipsed by time, or left behind due to the coming of a large number of new productions. I'm talking about a real recovery operation of books.

Everything started an afternoon at a stand in a street market where I found the book “The Ruins” by Scott Smith, released in Italy in 2007, ten years ago. I bought it and, coming to the last page, I realized I had found a jewel.
It was not a matter of value to the object, it is not a sought-after first edition, the value lies in the question I asked when I finished reading it - «What would I have missed if I did not read it?»
And in the answer that followed - «Really much.»

So, I decided to dedicate part of my time to this new project, the recovery and reading of old titles.
This operation proved to be so fun to become a fixed-date appointment in order to have, among my monthly readings, at least one slightly dated title.

Where is the fascination of the Recovery Operation?

pile di libri usatiThe research, the real treasure hunt, which is a fun wandering through flea markets and stands, rummaging through books; then, there is the happiness of choosing the title, the discovery, just like the archaeologist. There is the adventure of reading. And, when I close the book, there is the strength of the story I just read, the bliss of having saved it in my memory, and placed on my bookshelf. Finally comes the excitement; knowing that looking for old titles is a mission, that the recovered stories are treasures, to show, to tell, to love

Show and tell; It's just what I will do. I will show you the discovery, and I’ll tell about emotions and personal assessments. But, I will never tell you the plot, it is up to you to discover the treasure… again, and decide whether it is a big or small find.

Operation Recovery logo, a project by author Debora Montanari


The posts will be in evidence, as happens with those dedicated to the latest releases, but, unlike these, I will report the article with the logo of the project you saw in in the introduction of the article, and that I propose again here on the left.


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