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 Notes on writing

Writing is a solitary art,
made of silent rooms,

made of journeys in the soul.

This thought came to my mind just when I'm on the last draft of my new novel and I'm wondering... is this the fate of the writer?


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Writing is a journey into inner space.

It therefore becomes essential, if you really want to write, to carve out a corner, a silent room both in the external and in the inner world, and when I use the adjective "silent" I mean it literally. No internet - should be used only if you need to access to online dictionaries - and, consequently, no social media; TV off, in the writing corner there shouldn't even be a television; finally, more than anything else, cell phone off or muted and hidden from view and no person wandering around you, while writing.

At this point I have already debunked the myth of the writer who writes in coffee shops or in the library. If the act of writing is taken seriously, addressed to the creation of a novel or a story, then the public place is not suitable, because it would not grant you that immersive concentration (as I call it) necessary not only to the creative act, but also to its development, to the transformation of ideas into written words.
The silence, therefore, should be almost total and solitude should be absolute

a boy write alone in a room

The writer's destiny is to spend hours and hours in total solitude, at least six days a week, immersed in isolation. Why? Because writing is a dialogue between oneself and a not well defined creative source. Nothing else has to intervene.

In a world where people aspire to do the opposite, is it possible to create this kind of suspension from the outside world?

Indeed it is not a question of possibility but of choices,
writing is in fact before anything else a life choice;

then it becomes a creative act, an artistic moment and an adventure, but it is still a solitary adventure.

Forget the connection with social and smartphone, email and WhatsApp; when you decide to start writing a novel, there is only one direct line, the one with yourself and with the unidentified creative source that, in all probability, resides within us.

Therefore, dialogue with silence becomes a generator of ideas and loneliness becomes a tool for knowing and listening to the creative voice that whispers from the darkest caverns of our being.

For writers, the empty room is a magical place
and the solitude an art to cultivate,

to made to grow, with the conviction that it will bear good fruit.

Here because the authors do not feel alone when they are alone, on the contrary, they recognize in the monster "solitude" a good friend to listen to. A careful, silent observer of all that exists.


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