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First Novel of Chrysos
i draghi di chrysos copertina
The Dragons of Chrysos
first edition: 2007
formats: hardcover
cover image: Maria Chiara Rossetti
genre: contemporary fantasy

a woman, Lara, finds herself on an adventure that takes place between Earth and a parallel dimension, Chrysos, ruled by Reiph a King by worrying powers; he also known as Dragon of Chrysos. Lara discovers much about herself and about what, before meeting Reiph, thought to be impossible, along a hard but adventurous road that will lead her to the discovery of ancient and powerful secrets and to the edge of the end of the world.


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new edition for the dragons of chrysos, paperback Della Vigna Publisher


new edition: 2018
formats: paperback
cover image: © frenta -
publisher: Edizioni Della Vigna
book series: Gli Espressi


i draghi di chrysos copertina ebook
first edition:

formats: EPUB - PDF
cover image: © frenta -
publisher: Edizioni Della Vigna
book series: Gli Espressi


Second novel of Chrysos

la luna di chrysos copertina
The Moon of Chrysos
first edition: 2009
formats: copertina rigida
cover image: Marta Barbieri
genre: contemporary fantasy

Lara's adventure was just beginning and this new episode begins where the first had ended.
New nightmares haunt Lara and new doubts about Reiph.
She will face new tests in a new dimension, where a dark monster plots to erase the light: for all players will be a real descent into the Underworld.

The Chrysos Saga's symbol is named "The Gate".

It is a Wormhole that allows the direct connection between the Earth and the other dimension. It is a spiral that, starting from the Earth, reaches the heart of Chrysos where the power of magic pulses.

The Wormohole is a space-time tunnel with an entrance and an exit. It is a kind of shortcut that allows the journey from planet to planet in the Universe, or from a dimension to other dimensions in the Multiverse, reducing to zero astronomical distances.

The research work, although very challenging and expensive in time, it’s for me - after the creative dream - the most fun part of writing a novel and it’s the “gasoline” required for the evolution process of the story.