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“How to create demand for the European Speculative Fiction in Europe?”

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immagine astrattache rappresenta l'Europa che porge un libro carico di immagini fantastiche Debora Montanari replies to Christian Tămaş, from Europa SF, who asked her: "Let's talk about how to create a greater demand for European Speculative Fiction in Europe?"
It may seem contradictory or even rhetorical but, in reality, it is a question for which we seek a proactive answer, it is a problem in search of a solution.

Article was previously published on Europa SF (European portal on Speculative Fiction),
in English.

 This article contains the following topics:

> Coexistence between Anglo-American and European artistic productions in Europe

> Why the European Speculative Fiction¹ do not takes off?

> Issues and resolutions analyzed and proposed by the Author

> The need to create the ESFWA²

How to create demand for the European Speculative Fiction in Europe?” is published here in English language with the title, A Strong Yes for an European Speculative Fiction Writers Association! by Debora Montanari.

copyright © 2014  by Debora Montanari



  • ¹ Umbrella term that collects all the genres and subgenres of SciFi, Fantasy, Horror
  • ² European Speculative Fiction Writers Association