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abstract image, multiverseThis article is an extract from my panel “SF and Border Science: an Italian point of view”, which took place on Thursday 30 August 2012, 4.30 pm, at Chicon 7 - 2012 Worldcon and Hugo Awards - in Chicago (IL).


In this panel I talked about fringe science in relation to italian culture and creativity, or, more precisely, in relation to open-mindedness.

Fringe science is scientific inquiry in a field of study that departs from mainstream thories so, is obvious that fringe concepts are highly speculative: for example M-Theory or also Multiverse-Theory meet the definition of fringe science; just think on tv series "Fringe" or "Eureka" for get an idea of what is fringe science. However, here, we do not want to enter in the actual scientific field, everything is in context: writing science fiction, reading science fiction, to do science fiction. So, I will speak of conservatism according to the content that we face here and now, without getting into specific positions of the scientific world: we will see how Italians view fringe science, we will understand its relationship with the readers and especially with Italian sci-fi writers.