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“The sea knows no limits,
makes no concessions.
It has given us everything and
it can take everything away from us.
To other gods we send our prayer:
Protect us from the sea”.

J. A. Lindqvist

This novel is like the song of a Siren, impossible to resist its beauty. A masterpiece by Swedish writer John Ajvide Lindqvist.

"The Overlook was still not done with him.
Written on the mirror, not in lipstick but in blood,
was a single word: REDRUM"
Stephen King

Danny Torrance is back, devastated by the events of the Overlook Hotel and by his supernatural-gift, the one that his friend Dick Halloran revealed to be the Shining. Now Dan is an adult, and his life is messy and fragile. The evil, the real one, the infernal one, did not remain in his childhood and he just wants to turn the Shining off.

"The membranes that separate us from
the fall, the monsters, the madness
are so thin,
paperwalls only"
J. A. Lindqvist