"I’m pretty much fucked.
That’s my considered opinion.

Andy Weir

This is not just science fiction, it is also adventure! Energetic, witty, full of suspense, a hymn to the survival instinct sung by an extraordinary main character. "The Martian" is a real depth-bomb, the explosion is not limited to the first page but is reflected all along the 26 chapters. An experience not to be missed!

Andy Weir with this debut novel offers a plausible plot linked to the possibility of space shipwrecks, the danger of the descent on other planets, first of all - not only in fiction but also in a real and not distant future - Mars. The plausibility is determined mainly by the technical knowledge and the knowledge of space-travel dynamics that the writer naturally shows, the martian covermaking them part of the plot without weighing it down. The reading is clear and light, but also very engaging and sparkling.

When you open the book and you find yourself in front of a map of Mars, you know already that you are about to read a wicked cool novel. Then you open the first chapter with an incipit that grabs you by the collar and, at this point, you are prisoners. I warn you, this book will not let you go and sometimes will tighten enough to stop you from breathing, sometimes will give you strong jolts, sometimes it’ll allow you to laugh, now that I think ... I just described a rollercoaster ride.

It is really that, roller coaster on Mars and you will ride it with Mark Watney. Now you are thinking, since he's an astronaut will not be Watney too boring, too hard or too scientific? You are already imagining a certain tedium but, I can tell you without spoiling, you'd be wrong.

You can not imagine the protagonist in which you'll come across, or what will be the evolution of his wreck. Maybe at the first pages you will find yourself a little disoriented - inevitable, you're on Mars! - but, after the first contact with Mark Watney, you'll accustom to the Red Planet, and he will become your best friend. You'll root for Mark and he will reciprocate your support making you entertained, with intelligence, humor and an incredible willpower.

And you, in that situation, you would be undeterred as he? Because he is alone up there, he is a prisoner of an environment where even the air is his enemy.

This book has an engine powered by constant surprise and you have no idea what kind of push is able to give and how far it is able to bring you.

Three, two, one, ignition ... or rather ... explosion!


author Andy Weir



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