How to look at life? How to be? Doubts and questions find positive responses in this study by Deepak and Gotham Chopra. Positive feedbacks and enforceable on how to improve ourselves and our lives, watching and listening to Superheroes that exceed their dramas with their will and inner strength that clings to the good conscience and values, and they fight not only for themselves but for others too.

“The Seven Spiritual Laws of Superheroes” shows how we can apply the lessons we learn from our favorite superheroes to our own lives of everyday and, more importantly, shows us how to recognize and analyze these lessons by opening a real communication channel with these characters that inhabit our imaginary spiritual laws of superheroes cover  The two authors show all this without moralisms but with genuine knowledge of comics book heroes world and a palpable passion, for this reason reading is enjoyable and fun.

Not only: depth and acuity of topics, combined with fascinating subjects - from X-Men to Batman, from Silver Surfer to Iron Man - and the Chopra’s rhythmic writing, simple and full of examples, make the entire essay accessible to the public and they offer to readers a new ability: an inner supersight.
What? Am I really talking about a superpower? Why not: when I talk about an inner supersight I mean a different and new point of view that allows to see the Superheroes, and their adventures - in comics or movies -, under a different light.

I hope that Deepack and Gotham Chopra - father and son - to continue the study of superheroes with a volume dedicated to mangas. The same author mentions to this possibility at the end of his essay.

Gotham is the co-founder Liquid Comics and both he and his father have written stories for the imprint.