Let the horror begins!
It all begins with a deep story, focused on the decline of a tricky personality, poised between being a man and an ominous transformation into "monster".

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Arthur Fleck : the worst part of having a mental illness is people expect you to behave as if you don't.
this sentence can be read in Arthur Fleck's diary
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This is a journey into the abyss of carefully described madness, without pindaric flights - apart from those of Arthur Fleck, aka Joker - without bombastic action scenes, without glittering special effects but with careful overview on existence and society. More than psychology, here there is philosophy and more than scenes of effect there is soul, the one that too often lacks in contemporary films.
It is a return to the 80s' movies and I am not talking about the setting - which seems to be truly the beginning of that decade - ratherl'attore Joaquin Phoenix è Arthur Fleck in Joker it is the way of the storytelling that it takes you back in time: the intensity of the script and the care in to define the character and his swirls towards the abyss.

In fact, Joker is the son of circumstances and the result of his own choices. Arthur Fleck gets lost in the maze of solitude, misunderstanding and anonymity and will never find himself because, in a completely conscious way, he decides that he doesn't want to find himself. And what incredible Joker!

Joaquin Phoenix surprised and scared me with his very thin and slightly deformed body, a pathological shyness that reveals itself among indecipherable expressions, the awkward and fragile walk like that of a hungry zombie, the frightened puppy eyes and the werewolf look. Can he be more magnificent than that?

And when it's time to show the true face of the clown, instead of laughing he dances. He dances on the steps of a staircase, in an inspired moment of the director Todd Phillips, immersed in the cloudy reverberations of the wonderful cinematography of Lawrence Sher, that lights up the colors of his suit created by the costume designer Mark Bridges; he dances accompanied by the exciting music by Gary Glitter. And this moment, in which all the excellence of the film is concentrated, has left me breathless.

il joker sulla scalinata

Here's the Joker, I thought, here's the Clown in all his horror. Every actor's movement shows the emptiness that the character carries inside, the abyss that has swallowed his soul and this scene is a monument to his delirium.

This is an unforgettable movie about existence and essence; about humanity that should be innate in each of us, so fragile and, for those like Joker, so useless.

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