The first real Star Wars Story proposed after George Lucas' world is went to Disney. A pleasant film, well interpreted and with the characteristic spirit of adventure that the Saga had lost for some time, perhaps found where less was expected.

When you're in the movie theater forget the previous terrible movies - I mean the contemporary ones made by Disney - and imagine "Solo" as something independent, a Star Wars Story of the 80s or so. If the movie was released at that time, maybe a couple of years later "The Return of the Jedi", it probably would have had its period of glory, why? Because it's a good story.

There has been a lot of criticism about the script, for some people only a mess; honestly, I did not perceive this chaos even for a second. I assure you, I went to the movie theater very biased, after seeing the last ugly Star Wars movies.
"Solo" was a surprise that left me with a smile on the way out of the theater, which I would never have believed would have been able to do. It is not memorable - that’s OK for me - but I think that a movie that leaves me with a positive train is a work that deserves.

The Millennium Falcon from movie Solo A Star Wars Story

I want to emphasize that the story is not a mess this is impossible, because it is linear and very simple. Many spectators confused the simple with  superficiality, the linearity with the lack of ideas. I find instead that the plot is well studied, faithful to the Original Saga. The master thing is the interaction between the characters; they are well integrated and very faithful to the nature of the protagonists that we know so well.
The whole story is an anticipation of who they will become, often shows behaviors that we will find in the future or better, that we have learned to know in the past during the First Trilogy (1977-1980-1983).
There is not just the story of the young Han and Chewbacca - he is not so young -, but the movie also tells the story of the Millennium Falcon, that spaceship that will be an integral part of the protagonist and on which we had some information by Han and Lando Carlissian in the First Trilogy.

At this point I could say that this Star Wars Story gives us a way to ascertain a fact not so obvious: not all Star Wars can be masterpieces, as not all Star Wars post-Lucas must necessarily be ugly, impersonal copies of themselves.
The art here is in the excellent interpretations of the actors, in my opinion chosen with sense. I was pleasantly impressed by the likeness, not only physical but alsoHarrison Ford and Alden Ehrenreich in some attitudes, of Alden Ehrenreich with Harrison Ford (the two actors in comparison in the photo on the right, click to enlarge) and intrigued by the risky choice to have an actor who had already played remarkable parts, but mostly unknown to the general public, what to say? Good job guys! A good choice, because this Han Solo is really credible and I think he will like those who have knew Han on silver screen in 1977, just like me.

An applause also goes to the director Ron Howard who gives us a not stressed direction, understandable and above all without unnecessary exaggerations; direction makes exciting action scenes without nauseous sight and it gives atmosphere to the most relaxed moments. Just these moments are I liked more, in fact I found a movie that give priority to the characters and to the interact with each other, rather than a flood of pushy action as you see too often in sci-fi movies. This does not mean that there are no adrenaline moments, one of them all? The scene of  the attack to the train, breathtaking!

"Solo - A Star Wars Story" is a solid and entertaining film that wants to entertain without excesses and that manages to grasp the spirit of the world of Star Wars, especially the Han Solo's one; a galactic Far West, where pirates, gunslingers, outlaws and romantic heroes find their space and where we find them.

Lando Carlissian: I hate you.
Han Solo: I Know.
quote from Solo - A Star Wars Story

Solo A Star Wars Story USA poster

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