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The research work, although very challenging and expensive in time, it’s for me - after the creative dream - the most fun part of writing a novel and it’s the “gasoline” required for the evolution process of the story.

I consider it essential in the genres fantasy, science-fiction and thrillers.

For the Saga of Chrysos the research work has been on several fronts: books, articles, websites, study of maps and territories, with surveys in some locations.
For me the most playful moment while I’m writing is to hunt the book most appropriate, the one that can give the necessary knowledge to enhance the plot in the right way at the right time.

The bibliography that follows relates to the books read during the research work.

The Dragons of Chrysos

  1. The Code Book: The Science of Secrecy
    from Ancient Egypt to Quantum Cryptography - Simon Singh
  2. The Megalithism: Sacred Sites and Power - Massimo Centini
  3. The Theory of Everything: The Origin and Fate of The Universe - Stephen Hawking
  4. Special Forces - Tom Clancy
  5. Poems - Emily Dickinson
  6. Poetic Edda - translation by Piergiuseppe Scardigli

The Moon of Chrysos

  1. The Norse  Myths - Gianna Chiesa Isnardi
  2. The Vikings Lords of the sea - Yves Cohat
  3. Aeneid - Books V and VI - Virgil
  4. Labyrinths, Castles, Gardens - Literary Places of Horror and Loss - Paolo Orvieto