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The locations do not always belong to the effect that derives from the cause, which in this case is the writing of a story, but often the opposite may happen: locations are the cause in consequence of which the development of the plot undergoes a change,this is the reason for which may be the true stars.

Dragons of Chrysos: Londra (UK); Tozeur, Sahara Desert (Tunisia); Chrysos: other dimension

Moon of Chrysos: Chrysos e Wirrwarr (in the image above, click to enlarge): other dimensions

The locations are as important as the characters: they are part of the plot and often they are the protagonists. Locations come before the characters, they influence the biography and behavior of these and can help them, as they might be an obstacle: for example, in "The Dragons of Chrysos" the Sahara desert environment will allow the unfolding of one of the key events of history.