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image for From the Ashes of Dark, short story by author Debora Montanari

"From the Ashes of Dark" It is one of the nineteen stories published in the anthology "The Dreams of Descartes - Fantastic Philosophy Stories".
Nineteen Italian writers have accepted the challenge of finding a meeting point between philosophy and science fiction, a marriage that can probe deep the human soul and its relationship with life and the Universe. The ultimate goal is to break down the boundaries between philosophy and science fiction and create a twilight zone where questions and answers about life and human being coexist, and the access to the answers is in our ancestral instinct.

immagine per il racconto Dalle Ceneri del Buio di Debora Montanari The short story "From the Ashes of Dark" tries to answer one of these questions, perhaps the most insistent: what are we? It does it, through the adventure of the protagonist, a girl, on a journey into her inner-space, along a tortuous path between strange coincidences and paranormal events, towards a when and a where that no one could imagine, not even her.

title: From the Ashes of Dark
author: Debora Montanari, © 2013

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important notice: the book is only in Italian language


i sogni di cartesio copertina


Some informations about the book
TitleThe Dreams of Descartes - Fantastic Philosophy Stories
Author: VV.AA. various authors
Publisher: Edizioni Della Vigna
Pages: 433
Cover image: © 2013 Alexa Cesaroni