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copertina del romanzo I Draghi di Chrysos di Debora Montanari, Edizioni Della Vigna


"The Dragons of Chrysos" returns in a new paper version.

A first edition for publisher Edizioni Della Vigna


Pay attention, please; the novel is only in Italian language


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portale dimensionale con donna ricorda i contenuti di I Draghi di Chrysos di Debora Montanari

A common girl, Lara, will be overwhelmed by an adventure that will lead her to travel to another dimension and discover that the magical worlds described in the books, or seen in the movie, can also exist.

Adventure starts in a dream, made of golden light that breaks on the water. An ocean, a beach, a voice calling his name, powerful, persuasive ...


Download for free the first 4 chapters (sample is in English language).

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